3 Simple Secrets to Creating a High-Converting Offer

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If you’re...  

Tired of the tire-kickers... Frustrated by spending hours on the phone... And DONE giving out free advice instead of making sales...  

Be sure to join me for 3 Simple Secrets to boost the value of your offer, magnetize your clients, and get people to say… “I can’t wait to work with you!!”  

I’ll walk you through my 3-step process that makes it totally clear to prospects why you are the ONLY solution, and inspires them to ask, “How can I work with you??” so you can make a jaw-dropping offer. 

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Don’t let the chance to do great work with great clients slip away because of a few missing pieces in your sales conversations…  

Join High Ticket Sales Mentor Jennifer Diepstraten for a FREE MASTERCLASS:  

3 Simple Secrets to Creating a High-Converting Offer

Find out:

  • The #1 reason most people don’t convert on discovery sessions 
  • What your ideal client is REALLY waiting to hear 
  • How to entice right-fit prospects to ask you “How can I work with you?” so you're perfectly poised to make a jaw-dropping offer  

Make all your sales calls easier, smoother, more fun and HIGH-CONVERTING with these 3 Simple Secrets to creating a jaw-dropping offer and Maximize Your Sales.  

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Here's what people are saying:

"If you put your trust in her, she won’t let you down."

“I’d like to highly recommend Jennifer Diepstraten. I can tell you, she gets it, she’s committed and she’s totally there to help other entrepreneurs have the big breakthroughs that she’s had. I know that if you put your trust in her, she won’t let you down.“  

Lisa Sasevich, Creator of the Speak to Sell Formula

"Jennifer can...make you millions."

“If you’re struggling getting others to actually hire you, it’s this one thing that can make a really big difference. And Jennifer is the woman that can get you over that hump to make that happen, to make you millions.”

Sandra Yancey, CEO and Founder of eWomenNetwork

"A brilliant trainer."

“I just love Jennifer, I think she's a brilliant trainer and definitely one of the most transformational sales mentors in the coaching/consulting industry today!” 

Milana Leshinsky, Simplicity Entrepreneurship  

"If you do what Jennifer says, and you’re a good student, you can make your wife very happy."

“I don’t like sales, I LOVE sales. But I wasn’t owning my greatness. I was coming up with every other excuse why I could help more people because they needed the help. I was often starting work without even getting paid. But we’re not the bank, so my wife keeps telling me. After a mind meld with Jennifer, [a new client] gave me a cheque. The biggest cheque I’ve ever seen in my life. My sales for September was well over $300,000! This stuff works. You just have to trust the process. If you do what Jennifer says, and you’re a good student, you can make your wife very happy.”

Jonathan Christian, Digital Marketing Expert  

About Your Trainer, Jennifer Diepstraten

Jennifer Diepstraten, Founder and CEO of High Ticket Sales Success, teaches the most successful coaches, consultants and niche service-providers how to get paid top-dollar for their expertise.  

She’s sold over $14 million in products in ten years working for world-leading multi-million and multi-billion-dollar biotech companies, and coached for one of the largest personal development companies in the world.  

Today, Jennifer is recognized as an inspiring coach and spirited trainer who helps her clients raise their fees, craft and convert high ticket offers, and make sales with ease, confidence and unprecedented success.