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You’ve been here...  

Finally, you’re in front of a great prospect. Someone is interested in what you do and she seems to be getting it. You ask questions. She answers. Her eyes sparkle as you start exploring what life would be like when she finally gets this problem solved.  

The possibility and joy of working with your ideal client starts to bubble - creating bursts of excitement.  

Because you can really help her with your unique expertise. You want to jump up and down with excitement, but you rein yourself in. Not time to celebrate yet.  

Even though your palms are a little sweaty from the nerves, having sales conversations is not as bad as you thought. The idea of gaining a new client - one you’d love to help - makes you bolder.  

So you make an offer to this wonderful, ideal prospect. You push out the words and ask her to buy at your highest investment price ever.  

And she says yes.  

(She didn’t even hesitate when she heard the full price offer.)  

You shake hands on the deal and start planning your first meeting as client and coach.  

This has massive implications for you. You start planning how you’ll grow sales even more next month, this summer, and by the end of the year.  

Congratulations, you!! This is a HUGE milestone.

The next morning, you see your shiny new client’s name in your email inbox. So soon? You click on the message and begin to read.  

She wants to cancel. It’s simply not in the budget.  

You reply to her message. You call but get voicemail. You call again. And again.  

She’s gone.  

What did I do wrong, you think? She had the money. She needed what I have to offer. We had this great conversation. Great connection. Everything.  

What in the world happened?!  

You rack your brains but can’t figure it out. You ask your friends, and they make suggestions. You meditate on it and go for walks.  

But it just doesn’t make sense. She really should have bought. Maybe this isn’t the right client. Or the right offer. Or the right business?  

Maybe YOU are just not right.  

You slowly recover and get back out there doing sales and making offers, but let’s face it - you’re gun shy.  

You stab around in the dark making other high end offers, but they don’t convert either. The sales slump starts to wear on you. So you go back to making lower priced offers, sticking to what you know (at least it’s tried and true).  

The year you had so much hope for comes and goes - and with it goes your hope for the business success you’d once glimpsed.  

Maybe you’ll get that breakthrough next year. At least you’re hanging in there...  

But here's the deal... 

You are NOT content to just hang in there!

You are NOT someone who waits for luck or counts on hope. And waiting for the mystery of massive sales success to solve itself is WAY too costly. So I’ve taken my 20 years of sales experience and created this completely transformational training for you...  

What it Actually Takes to Attract and Convert High Paying Clients

At this 3-day live training, you’ll get my step-by-step blueprint to:  

  • Mastering objections - once and for all - with one simple step. (It’s way easier than you currently think - no sweaty palms needed!) 
  • How to use what you already know to increase your sales by 20%! (And immediately say goodbye to this one thing killing your focus). 
  • To think like the big dogs selling millions each year with strategies that work for your business. 
  • My proven 5-Step Process to restore your sanity and strength so you can get back in the game fast. (Because you already know that all those wasted hours of confusion and worry are delaying your success.) 
  • My Ultimate Decision Filter™ to instantly (and effortlessly!) make the most profitable choices for your business. Why your success is inevitable - when you use my clear and reliable sales transformation process. 

Plus, I’ll share my transformation from a script-following-quaking-in-my-shoes sales account manager into a powerhouse expert selling millions of dollars in products and services each year - all with one-on-one sales consultations.  

You’ll take those old sales scripts and networking pitches and finally turn them into clients and money - starting now!

"If you put your trust in Jennifer, she won’t let you down."

“I’d like to highly recommend Jennifer Diepstraten. I can tell you, she gets it, she’s committed and she’s totally there to help other entrepreneurs have the big breakthroughs that she’s had. I know that if you put your trust in her, she won’t let you down.“  

Lisa Sasevich, Creator of the Speak to Sell Formula

Ever get the sense that 8- and 9-figure entrepreneurs are JUST PEOPLE- People just like you? Jennifer hand-selects the perfect multi-millionaire Sales Roundtable entrepreneurs to interview about how they did their first $1,000,000 in sales, years ago! Fasten your seat belt for a truly mind-expanding, idea-popping segment about how what got them to where they are today. If they can do it, why can’t you? Check out some of our past Millionaire Sales Roundtable guests:

Mike Koenigs | 2018  

  • Made $1 M in 44 minutes and $9 M within 2 days 
  • 13-time #1 bestselling author, interactive online TV producer

Vivian Glyck | 2018

  • Founder of Just Like My Child Foundation
  • $1 M+ non-profit

Brian Smith | 2018

  • Founder of UGG Boots 
  • Grew UGG to $17 M, now a Billion dollar brand

Sandra Yancey | 2017

  • Founder eWomenNetwork with 500,000 members
  • On Emmy award-winning “The DOCTORS”

Victoria Stathis | 2017

  • Founder of $30 M fire and flood restoration company 
  • Over $50 M assets under management

Bob Dawson | 2017

  • Sold his $57 M travel company at age 36 
  • ROI mentor for Fortune 500 companies

"Jennifer can...make you millions."

“If you’re struggling getting others to actually hire you, it’s this one thing that can make a really big difference. And Jennifer is the woman that can get you over that hump to make that happen, to make you millions.”

Sandra Yancey, CEO and Founder of eWomenNetwork

Selling a million dollars a year and growing a business you love... Begins with knowing success is inevitable. Now you need the systematic, step-by-step actions to grow yourself so that your business is so reliable - you know that even if you get stuck - you can get unstuck in less time and with way more motivation. Remember the first time you sold a $500 service. That was a big deal, right? (I remember being so relieved that I wasn’t just dreaming - but that I was adding real value.) How about when you eventually raised your prices to $1000 for that same service? What a rush that was? It’s amazing to think that $500 used to be a stretch. 

Pretty magical stuff, right?  

Not magical. Predictable.  

Once I discovered that growing my beliefs, my pricing, and my own sense of value was a conscious, step-by-step process -- business took off (and keeps on soaring!).  

Because once you have a systematic, reliable system to grow yourself to the next level over and over - million dollars sales are way closer than you think.  

That’s exactly how the Millionaire Sales Mindset starts.

"Nowadays I feel confident that every time I have a conversation with a potential client they will leave a raving fan."

“After working with Jennifer on my sales conversations... I feel confident that every time I have a conversation with a potential client they will leave a raving fan. AND I was able to raise my 1:1 coaching rate while consistently enrolling awesome clients. Jennifer is a genius at teaching this stuff!”

AMY PEARSON, Live Brazen 

At this live event, I’ll show the exact steps to fully embody your inner motivated, magnetic, and confident entrepreneur who unapologetically makes sales with ease and grace. (Even the really big ones!) Uncovering your best self and taking on a Millionaire Sales Mindset is all about moving forward with crystal clear certainty - even when the vision you hold for success isn’t a reality (just yet). No fear. No apologies. Your energy is contagious - you stand out in a crowd. This clarity automatically leads to choices that pay off - financially, emotionally, relationally - in every area of your life. Because you’ve got that secret sauce. Suddenly, those ideal clients will start to appear and be ready to pay the fees you desire. Your skills, talents and gifts - totally unique and perfect for plenty of prospects - will rise to the surface and you’ll show up with efficiency, enthusiasm, and sparkly brilliance. See what I mean?

"I’ve raised my training packages to $3,500 for 90 days and sold $27,000!"

“Before I worked with Jennifer I was selling my premium nutrition services for $200 a month and one-on-one personal fitness training sessions for $100 an hour! Boy did it hurt! I also had no idea how to explain my services in a way that made my prospects excited to work with me. I would freeze when people had objections, and I did not have a clue about how to make an offer. Working with Jennifer changed all of that. In just 4 months since training with Jennifer, I’ve raised my training packages to $3500 for 90 days and sold $27,000 worth of fitness and nutrition packages, which is awesome! Now I get to work with my ideal clients who are willing to invest in me and get better results because of it. I wish I’d called Jennifer 10 years ago!”  

Kristen Nolan, Owner, I Luv My Body Fitness  


Ever wonder why one person can make millions of dollars in the same time that another person can only make thousands? What few people understand is the pervasive relationship of results to time. Chances are, you believe that the more you accomplish, the more results. But I bet this is why you feel you have so much to do - without the profit you hoped for. In this segment, you’ll experience implementing my Ultimate Decision Filter on your business to eliminate wasted time, compress your learning curve, and exponentially grow your income. The result? Getting to that big growth year much sooner than you imagined.


Wondering where to find the people who can afford your services? Feel uncomfortable reaching out to that big affiliate partner with the exact audience you’d love to reach? We’ll uncover the obstacles keeping you from attracting clients in need of your expertise and are ready to pay you the high fees you deserve. Plus, you’ll be 100% ready to magnetically engage when that perfect client, JV partner, or speaking gig appears.


Does it drive you nuts when you do everything perfectly in a sales conversation - and they still don’t buy? You’ve tried all the “right “ things - so where do you go from here? Objections, “No’s,” and refund requests are simply a symptom of unresolved concerns - that you didn’t investigate (but totally could’ve - once you know what to look for!) Have you ever suspected someone might not buy and then they didn’t? 

In this segment, you’ll learn to use that sixth sense (yes, you have one!) to anticipate and resolve these concerns before your prospective client even knows they have them. By embodying your Millionaire Sales Mindset, you’ll become the obvious answer and provide the irresistible solution. You’ll know it - they’ll know it - and high ticket sales will be the final proof.


Worried that people aren’t buying? Or won’t buy your higher priced services? Here’s a secret: I have a hunch your limiting beliefs are the real reason sales aren’t closing. Ok, you might be thinking. I can see that - but how do I change it? We will dive into the stress that keeps you stuck. How to stop stressing over the sale that you didn’t win - and stop stressing over the sale you did win because you’re not sure if you can serve at a high level.

An upward spiral of success will follow. Promise. You have to know that you are the bomb, the it girl, the stud, the sales master - in such an absolutely confident way that no matter what happens - you’ll succeed. Today’s yes or no doesn’t matter because no one does what you do the way you do. You’ll embody the ability to bounce back quickly from a sales slump and approach challenges with confidence and excitement. The goal? Rolling out of bed knowing big sales are on the way. You just need the steps to make it happen.


Want to be the person other people want to pay top dollar for? Want your business to exceed your wildest dreams? 

Every successful business was created out of nothing. Everyone who is somebody was once a nobody. 

So how is success created? 

It’s all about a specific alchemy of traits, ideas, teams, systems, determination, and faith. 

In this segment of the Millionaire Sales Mindset, you’ll discover the seed - and where to find it within you. You’ll learn the one thing that every successful person thinks and how to remember it when you forget so people pay you for the incredible, one-of-a-kind value you provide.  

"It was an eye opener!"

“Queen of High Ticket Selling!! You sure have the wisdom that we need Jennifer. Today I spent several hours listening to you. It was an eye opener! I have over 8 pages of notes and wrote down many of the exact words you use. You're awesome Jennifer, thanks for guiding us on the path!”

GLENN CARLSON, Relationship and Spiritual Guide

With this jam-packed schedule of hands-on, innovative practices designed to unlock your million-dollar success, we’ll take this mindset and catalyze it with some practical tips and advanced sales skills training included in our work together as well.  

Plan to walk out of the event fully prepared to become a Millionaire Sales Mind - immediately. 

(You’ll be more than ready.) We’re not messing around. Once you’ve immersed yourself in these life changing concepts - you won’t even have to think about how to integrate them. Because you will be operating from your highest self, the shift will happen effortlessly - intuitively - and high ticket sales (not to mention, previously unreachable milestones of success) will literally fall into place. Can it really be that simple? The answer is emphatically - YES!  

If you’re not afraid of the thought that you might be the reason you’re not fully experiencing the success you desire - then this event is most definitely for you.  

And if you’re ready to immerse yourself in new beliefs about your worth, the talents you bring to the table, and the ease of putting them together - make sure you attend this revolutionary event.  

Because you’ll finally own the confidence of knowing with absolute certainty that you have everything your ideal client is looking for.  

All you have to do is show up determined to unleash your Millionaire Sales Mindset.

"It made perfect sense to offer a program for $5000 instead of $350."

“When I started working with Jennifer, I was getting ready to launch a program for $350 per month. She seriously helped me by allowing me to see how I could meet less times 1-on-1 with clients, really qualify the value that I have to provide, and make it make perfect sense to offer a similar program for $5000. I sold two of those at $5000 within a week!! Having Jennifer on our team as the person who kicks my sales booty has been crazily beneficial for me!”

Molly Mahoney, Camera Confidence and Facebook Live Coach  

I don’t ask this question lightly. After 3 full days together to cultivate your brand-new Millionaire Sales Mindset, the way you do business will be forever transformed. Indecisiveness and over-thinking will be a thing of the past. What remains? You - the must have, go-to expert clients can’t wait to work with - again and again. And the even better part is, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded and motivated entrepreneurs committed to success - while also leaving room for some serious fun. While cheering each other on, you’ll also have loads of opportunities for networking and gaining mutual support with people who know that getting out of your head and into a Millionaire Sales Mindset is the way to success. If you’re ready for big changes, join us! Let’s do this!

April 20 - 22, 2020 in San Diego, California

Here's what else you'll get...

Bonus #1: VIP lunch for all 3 days is INCLUDED

Yes, I’m buying lunch! As part of your event registration, I’m serving every attendee a healthy, delicious lunch that is designed to give you high quality energy during the entire event. Take your time networking and enjoying the beautiful environs, because the catered lunch is on me. 

Valued at $300

Bonus #2: Access to Jennifer's Highly Attractive Networking Training 

Tired of feeling uncomfortable transitioning from a casual social atmosphere to a business conversation? Wish there was a captivating way to answer the question, “What do you do?” Then you’re in luck, because there’s a simple, feel-great way to answer these questions. I will be teaching my Highly Attractive Networking Training call BEFORE the event so you can get prepared and authentically connect with the people you’re meant to. 

Valued at $500

Big Bonus #3: Before You Sell Training

Have a big speaking gig or important strategy session coming up? Make sure you attend my Before You Sell Training: 5 Simple Steps to Mentally Prepare so Your Prospect Says Yes! They're the perfect steps to use 5-10 minutes before any high stakes situations where you need rock-solid confidence. 

Valued at $1000

Big Bonus #4: Networking Gala and Dance Party Thursday evening

Great connections are made on the dance floor. Do you know which entrepreneurs are the ones to know?

The ones who have mastered selling, because they are the ones that have viable, sustainable, life-style businesses. This is your chance to connect with them in a social setting face to face. Who knows, you might find your next affiliate partner or speaking gig in the mix.

Big Bonus #5: An Opportunity to Bring A Friend for $197

Although I expect this training to sell out quickly, for a limited time you can ALSO bring a friend, colleague, spouse, or business partner for only $197. I’ve reserved a select handful of seats for this Big Big Bonus and when those seats are gone, they’re gone. So think about who you’d like to bring and invite them now! Once you register yourself, you will receive an invitation to grab one of those seats for a friend. If you are reading this message right now, it means there are still a few ‘bring a friend’ seats left.

So what is this going to cost me?

How’s that for bonuses?? Pretty awesome, right? I love to give awesome bonuses on top of amazing, cutting edge content, because it makes coming to the training an easy YES! I want you there! As you can probably tell, event tickets could be sold for $3,000 or $5,000 or even more. But it’s not. It’s priced so that you can easily afford to re-coup your investment with just one new high ticket client. When you register immediately, you’ll get the complete training and all the bonuses for only $997. And for this low price, available for a limited time only, you’re going to learn how to easily fill your business with high paying, high quality clients who really value what you do (and who you love to work with too!) You’ll make money, have great clients, AND feel great while selling. What is that worth to you? It’s time for you to love the sales process, share your gift with the people you were meant to serve, AND get paid handsomely for it.

You'll also be protected by my "I love this training" Guarantee

I’m confident that you will be absolutely thrilled with my Millionaire Sales Mindset training. We also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will have a life-transforming experience.  

Just to back that up, if you're not thrilled with the first day's training, simply let us know by 8:30 AM Tuesday, hand us back your course materials and we'll refund your event investment.

Yes! Jennifer, I’m ready to have a Million Dollar Sales Breakthrough, and fill my business with quality clients who pay me top dollar on the spot!

You're going to get a ticket to Jennifer's LIVE Millionaire Sales Mindset Event on April 20 - April 22, 2020 in San Diego, CA. 

Plus, if you register now, you'll save $1,500 and get these bonuses: 

  • VIP Networking lunch INCLUDED for all 3-days ($300 value)  
  • Access to Jennifer’s Advanced Highly Attractive Networking Training ($500 value)  
  • Before You Sell Training ($1000 value)  
  • Networking Gala and Dance Party Thursday evening  
  • An opportunity to Bring a Friend for $197  


$997 - Only $497

* Cancellations and Substitutions  

If you must cancel for any reason, notify our registration department 30 days prior to the event. Your registration will be refunded less a $100 processing fee. Cancellations after this are non-refundable. If you cannot attend the event due to unforeseen circumstances, you may transfer your registration to another person. You may not transfer your registration once your badge has been picked up.  

Here’s to your success and making a huge difference!  

Your partner,

P.S. - If you’re on the fence and can’t decide, do me a favor. Watch the following video testimonials from a few of my past clients. If any of their experiences resonate with you, GO FOR IT! Now is the time to step forward confidently into your future success. This work will change your life! Take action! Reserve your spot and know that you are building a strong foundation that will make your life easy, fulfilling and fun!

About your mentor, Jennifer Diepstraten 

Jennifer Diepstraten has 22 years’ experience in sales, relationship coaching, and communication studies so she understands what it really takes to inspire people to take decisive action. As a result of her expertise, she’s sold over $14 million in products in ten years in corporate sales, working for world-leading multi-million and multi-billion dollar biotech and medical equipment companies.  

She left her highly lucrative corporate sales job to start her own business teaching high-end sales and sales training to coaches, trainers, healers and niche service providers. Her “One Call Blueprint” sales consultation system enabled her to grow a multi-six figure coaching business in less than 2 years and help hundreds of clients. Jennifer lives in Encinitas, California with her husband who, as a result of Jennifer’s success, retired early from his residential and commercial construction business in 2012, and their three sons ages 17, 8, and 4 years old. Jennifer holds a Biopsychology degree from Vassar College and a Masters’ of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine.  


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Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average attendee/purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.