Million Dollar Heart

Are you on a mission to make a difference in the world?

Join me and these world-renowned speakers, entrepreneurs, and difference-makers

What if you didn’t have to wait To make a difference? You feel the calling in your heart You have the power to make change That a quiet comment, or a gift, or a hug Can change a life... And in that moment... the world is changed.

Five Days - Five Speakers - Five Ways to Give

Nov 27 - Dec 2nd 8:30 am PST

The first-ever online fund-raising gala of its kind Featuring FREE exclusive 40 minute interviews with guest speakers

Joining now will give you access to our virtual gala including five days of exclusive, inspirational 40-minute interviews. Donations are optional. Give First to Create Success in Your Business Interviews  

We’ll be providing insight into

  • The key elements that have contributed to these speakers’ ability to serve humankind
  • How giving first has been instrumental to their success
  • Top business and organization-building tips that bring fulfillment and joy while balancing a busy career  

About your host

Jennifer Diepstraten teaches the most successful entrepreneurs and small business owners how to make clear, compelling high-end sales offers. She’s has 20 years’ experience in sales, relationship coaching, and communication studies and has personally sold over $14 million in services and products in the biotech, medical, personal development, and life coaching industries. As a teacher, mentor, healer, and coach, Jennifer’s desire has always been to help people and contribute to others. She was surprised, however, when she suddenly found herself able to raise tens of thousands of dollars by simply sharing her mission to make a difference with a small group of inspired entrepreneurs. Her mission has now expanded to reconnect people to the abundance of resources and love that is in their hearts, which they may not realize is always there. She holds a Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine and lives in southern California with her husband and 3 sons.